Yoga is not only an ancient method of exercise

but it is also a solution to many diseases. By doing these, our body gets energy and flexibility also increases. Bhujangasan is one of the major yoga sessions. Doing this reduces stomach fat and there is flexibility in the spinal cord. Apart from this, doing this posture in other asthma, chronic cough or other lung-related disease gives relief. It also gives strength in arms. See Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev in the video link below. Know yourself the right way to do this posture.Yoga: Bhujangasan

To do
this asana, lie on the ground on the ground. Hold the elbows on the face chin with the elbows and keep the palms upwards. Bring both hands forward with elbows and place them under the arms.
Yoga: Bhujangasan

Now pushing the chin with the neck, putting the forehead on the floor, nose touches the ground. While slowly breathing, lift the head and body upwards towards the palms of the palms. Take the head as much as you can. Keep in mind that your stomach and navel are attached to the ground.

This situation stays for 30 seconds. If you can not do this in the beginning, then delay it as long as you are getting less comfortable. After releasing the breath, gradually bring the head down and place the chin on the ground and leave your hands behind and leave loose.
Yoga: Bhujangasan

In the second part, place both palms in front and place them under the chin. Now, taking the breath slowly like before, lift the body upwards from the head. Raise the part from the shoulder to the waist, on the strength of the palms. This condition is to last for 30 seconds and then gradually returning to the same condition, leaving the breath.
Yoga: Bhujangasan


While doing this asana, take the body back as far as possible, as easily as possible. Flexibility will not come at all, due to unnecessary pressure, pain on the backs, chest, shoulders, or hands muscles can occur. This should not be done even if there is more pain in the back or back.
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