Homeopathy is a simple, accessible, and non-negotiable and less expensive method. These medicines also increase the body’s immune system. This was stated by Dr. BN Singh, Chairman of Homeopathic Medicine Board on Tuesday. He was speaking as a chief guest at the seminar organized on the eve of World Homoeopathic Day
Effective in removing disease from root

A seminar on ‘Know, understand and adopt Homeopathy’ in the Auditorium of Baba Hospital located in Chinhat Matiyari, from the Homeopathic Science Congress Society, in which other homeopathic doctors of other states also reached. Everyone had the idea that homeopathic is the old method and it is effective in removing the disease from the root. In the seminar, mainly the Registrar of Homeopathic Medicine Board, Dr. Anil Kumar Mishra, Dr. Rajul Singh, Dr. SD Singh, Dr. Rakesh Bajpai, Dr. Nishant Srivastava, Dr. Pankaj Shrivastav, Dr. Baliram Dr. Ashish Verma, Dr. Sudhanshu Dixit, Dr. VN Tiwari, Dr. Gyanendra Rai etc. were present.

Dr. Aniruddha Verma, a former member of the Union Homeopathy Council , useful in Bacteria and Virus Disease, said that many diseases of homeopathy, bacteria and viruses such as chicken pox, measles, mumps, chikungunya, dengue, swine flu, Japanese encephalitis etc. Very effective in prevention.

Due to the treatment of hereditary diseases,
Dr. VS Chauhan said that homoeopathic removes the possibility of hereditary diseases in children. It is possible to cure sinus, tonsillitis, tumor, cyst, fibroit, propleps of uterus, exit of the anus, piles, fiscula etc. Medicine also proves to be very effective in skin diseases.

Do not need much
hygiene Medical Officer Dr. Gargi Singh said in the Secretariat Dispensary that there is no need for much hygiene in homeopathy, only those things which are forbidden are those which increase the pain of the patient. Dr. Renu Mahindra of the State National Homoeopathic Medical College said that the menstrual cycle of menstrual cycle, white dander, hormonal problems, infertility, menopause discomfort is in homeopathic treatment. Dr. Amit Nayak of Homoeopathic College told that better treatment is possible with these medicines as well as problems related to mental illness with problems related to Narvas system. Besides, addiction, cigarettes, paan, tobacco, alcohol addiction can also be avoided. KNOW MORE