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Imagine if your body’s obesity diminishes without any effort, then. If you lose weight without exercising Yes, scientists have now discovered a protein in our body so that you can reduce obesity with just one injection without shaking a single finger. It is a protein that reduces fat on exercise. Its name is Interleukin-6 and it completes the instruction to reduce obesity while working hard in our body. The scientist of Copenhagen is now in the hope that it will be able to burn the fat without working hard to increase the amount of protein in the body. He believes that this is the same protein that tells the body that hard work is to burn fat. The author of this study, Anosphery Neergard, says that we will have to study further on this protein, only then it can be said further. Weight loss tips

The fat that Ansoophya Neergard studied was intestinal fat, which also threatens disease. An investigation has shown that the amount of cholesterol in the body increases when the protein is stopped. This protein can also be used to work cholesterol. Scientists say that people should not make excuses for not doing this research and they should work more towards their body. Scientists suspected that Interleukin-6 would help reduce fat because it also helps in energy’s metabolism.
Weight loss tips

The injection of interleukin-6 was stopped, there was no effect of exercise and the fat did not decrease at all. When interleukin-6 is active, fat decreases.
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