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Warm Water Drink Dieting Therapy

Warm water that is hot water therapy is basically three types – the first warm water drinking therapy, second warm water wash therapy and the third steam therapy.

In this therapy, the patient is given 8-10 times only to drink lukewarm water throughout the day. Water is always said to drink only in the glass of steel, brass or ceramic. By drinking lukewarm water, the toxins present in the body get out. This therapy eliminates the problem of excess fat accumulated in the sputum, gas, acidity and body. Warm Water Therapy

How to give this therapy

  • Patients of Arthritis get raw turmeric paste in a little warm water. Drink this water in the empty stomach in the morning and drink an hour before dinner in the evening. This will remove the clutter inside the joints.
  • The thyroid sufferers soak over one spoonful of coriander in a glass of water at night. Boil the empty stomach water in the morning until it remains half. Drink it when it’s lukewarm.
  • The hyper-acidity patient is asked to drink at least 6 glasses of hot water throughout the day. Lukewarm water gets accumulated in the stomach and gives solution to acidity and relaxes from acidity within 30 to 45 minutes.
  • Obese should drink at least 10-12 glasses of hot water a day. In it, lime, raw turmeric paste, amla juice, pure honey can also be added. If the patient is diabetic then do not give him honey. Give the kidneys a little bit of water to patients.
  • Patients suffering from skin problems are given lime in the lukewarm water and given to drink and neem leaves are said to take bath in a bath with water.
  • Vomiting, sour dirt, do not look hungry, if the intestines are swollen, then the victim is fed hot water.
    Warm Water Therapy

Warm Water Wash Therapy: In  this, the patient is called a bath in warm water or cleaning the affected area with warm water. 
Cleaning Bath Therapy: Enema is done with the lukewarm water of neem. In it, neem leaves and a little camphor are cleaned out of the vaginal passage with warm antifung water. 
Sponge bath therapy: Breathing with joints or pain in atheritis is beneficial. If you like, bathed in lukewarm water or soak the towel in water and sponge the body. This will also make the massage and the closeness of the joints will be gradually cured. 
Hard Foot Bath Therapy:Those who feel cold in their feet or burns or have swelling, give them hard foot baths. The patient is placed on the stool and lukewarm water is given in the tub, in which he drowned by the feet. Keep a wet towel on the head, so that there is no bad effect. Warm water pulls the blood like a magnet, improves blood circulation and reduces the problems of the feet.
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Spinal Bath Therapy: If a patient has a complaint of headache, dizziness or anxiety, then it is given a warm spinal bath. After soaking the towels in lukewarm water, squeeze a bit and spread it on the ground. The patient is asked to lie on the back of the towel. The heat or heat of water affects the spine, which provides relief in nervous system related or neurological disorders. These problems include headache, depression, epilepsy, migraine etc. 
Internal Steam Therapy:This therapy is given to patients with asthma, sinus, throat infection, and thyroid patients. Warm water steam is given from the steamboat, boiler or spool from the mouth and nose. The patients take a towel or sheet wrap and take the steam. Steam is given in water by putting 4-5 drops of eucalyptus or ovary leaves or eucalyptus oil. Before taking steam, the patient is given a glass of water, so that he does not panic.
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