Due to changing lifestyles, we are not able to take advantage of gifts

received from nature. Due to not taking enough sunshine, we are becoming victims of vitamin D deficiency and are dependent on medicines for its supply. While many research claims that there is no use of taking vitamin D supplements. Taking supplements does not reduce the risk of bone fracture, nor does it cure vitamin D deficiency in the body. If the adequate quantity of sunlight and proper food is taken, this reduction will automatically be removed.

According to Assocham, 88% of Delhiites are deficient in Vitamin D deficiency

68% of Indian women lack vitamin D

5.5% of Indian women have adequate vitamins

Vitamin D. Natural organic

Tauro University of California, in the study in 2017, found that a large number of people in the world have stopped spending time outside. If they go out, then use sunscreen. Due to this, deficiency of vitamin D is being found. 

The need for vitamin D not to be done by supplement of vitamin D

Every day at least 20 minutes of sunlight, there is a sufficient amount of vitamin D in milk and its product. Eat orange.
By eating the egg with the yolk, vitamin D deficiency is complete. Eat Mushrooms.
Vitamin D is also rich in calcium in fishes such as salmon and tuna.