tuberculosis treatment

  1. Scientists have discovered a new technique that will treat and treat TB sufferers. Attempting to form a new drug by mixing antibiotics with the structures released from TB cells,Tuberculosis treatment
  2. which will develop immunity in patients against TB. According to the research published in the magazine EMBO reports, this structure derived from TB cells goes to extracellular vasculars. Among these, there is a molecule called Mycobacterium tuberculosis RNA which is important for many physical processes. According to researchers at the University of Nottdamam, this molecule strengthens the body’s immune system to fight the disease. In this research, how was RNA of bacteria affecting TB cells? During this time, it was found that RNA cells released from TB cells were able to better control the infection, which was unable to resist the body’s immune system. Researcher Jeffrey Scory said that earlier the effects of RNA cells that were released from TB cells had not been studied. ,Tuberculosis treatment