Tomatoes have special significance in Indian cuisine. It is used as a vegetable, salad, soup and chutney. According to Dr. Satya Prakash Mishra, a physician of Ayurveda, vitamin C, lycopene, vitamins, potassium is found in sufficient quantity in tomatoes. In addition, there are also substantial ingredients which reduce cholesterol, it is also beneficial for those who have to lose weight, but the most important thing in tomato is that even after serving the tomatoes, its nutritious Elements remain. arthritis

Benefits of eating tomatoes-arthritis

Tomatoes are used for the prevention of many diseases.
Tomato is good for health in the morning and without drinking water in the morning.
If the child has a drought, then he gets a glass of tomato juice daily and he gets relief in the disease.
Tomatoes are very beneficial for the mental and physical development of children.
Tomatoes can also be used to reduce the potato. Drinking one to two glass of tomato juice daily reduces the weight.
Tomato is very beneficial in Gathia’s disease. Eating rosemary mixed with tomato juice daily gives relief in arthritis pain.

Tomato intake is very beneficial in pregnancy; There is plenty of vitamin C in it, which is good for gravy.
if there is insect in the stomach, eating it by adding black pepper in empty stomach tomatoes in the morning is beneficial.
Add black salt in raw tomatoes and eating it brings redness on the face.

Rubbing the tomatoes pulp on the face gives rise to the skin.
Regular intake of tomato helps in diabetes. This increases the eyesight of the eyes. Also it is effective in many types of skin related problems.
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