90,000 people die from tobacco in this state every year

Along with the changing times, the growing business of intoxicants has also laid a trap for diseases. Due to the use of tobacco, a deadly disease like cancer is expanding itself. In Madhya Pradesh 90 thousand people get infected with tobacco-related diseases every year.

According to health experts

in Madhya Pradesh, 28.1 percent of the lab consumes tobacco products in some form, including 38.7 percent male and 16.8 percent of the women. Due to the use of tobacco, there is mouth, lung cancer, and in the state every year 90 thousand people die due to cancer and other diseases caused by tobacco.

According to the Global Adult Tobacco Survey, 2017

10.7 percent of adult Indians (15 years and above) smoke, while 21.4 percent of people who smoke chewing tobacco are consumed. Pan masala is continuing to advertise in the country, which is giving promotion of surrogate advertising for tobacco products of similar names. According to the provisions of the Cigarette and Tobacco Products Act (COTTA), direct or indirect advertising of tobacco products is restricted.

According to the GATS2 Survey 2016-17, in Madhya Pradesh, 50.2 percent of the men, 17.3 percent of the women are smoking or using smokeless tobacco. According to the figures, 19 percent of men, 0.8 percent of women smoke with smoke, while 38.7 percent of men and 16.8 percent of women use smokeless tobacco.

According to the Global Adult Tobacco Survey, 2017, out of the smokeless tobacco users (19.94 million) in the country, 29.6 percent of men and 12.8 percent of women are women. At present, seven crore women are aged 15 years and above, who use smokeless tobacco.

Doctors say that women who smoke smokeless tobacco during pregnancy have a 70% higher risk of anemia (a lack of blood). In women smokeless tobacco users, the risk of oral cancer is eight times higher than that of men.

Similarly, the risk of cardiovascular disease is two to four times the number of men consuming smokeless tobacco. Similar women have higher rates of mortality than men.

Dr. TP Shahu, patron of Voice of Tobacco Victims (VOTV), says that the number of smokeless tobacco users has increased, because earlier cigarette and bidi photographs were shown in the anti-tobacco advertisements and were told to be fatal. This made people think that consuming only cigarettes and bidi is harmful. As a result, the consumption of smokeless tobacco has gradually increased. KNOW MORE