Time to sleep and awake

Not only is not enough sleep to be healthy, but it is also very important to take time to sleep and to get up at the right time. Doing so is a treat to many diseases. At times, giving information about the benefits of sleeping and waking

No sleep less than a boon 

Sleep is not less than a boon for us. But in the run-in our life, our sleeping routine is severely affected. A good sleep is very important for our brain to refresh and relax other parts of the body.

The Smart Gadget lifts the sleeping
smartphones and the artificial lights emitting from the computer badly disturbs our sleep. According to the researchers, if the eyes of the cells come in contact with artificial light then the internal clocks of our body fall into irritation, by which our daily cycle gets worse and our health has a bad effect. Behind our eyes there is a sensory membrane called retinal, in which there are some cells in the inner layer, which are sensitive to light. Its effect falls on the body clock and the whole daily cycle gets worse. Time to sleep and awake

Early gains are unimpressive benefits

Extra energy can be gained by rising early in the morning, which is helpful in maintaining energy throughout the day and filling it with pleasant feeling.

Rising in the morning helps keep you fit and keep mentally calm and concentrated.
The morning sunlight does not allow problems related to bone and joints. Morning atmosphere and oxygen are considered beneficial for health.

Time to sleep and awake

What are the loss

If you have a habit of sleeping late, it is necessary to change it immediately. A recent research has revealed that those who sleep for long, their behavior changes. It affects our mind. It has been discovered in the research that those who arise late on a natural basis, a particular element in their brain is in the worst condition.

Especially in that part of the brain where depression and depression are born. For this reason, those who delay late are more depressed and stressed. According to an article published in the journal Science, people who sleep for a long time, changes in their behavior have changed
and their hormones also have a bad effect
Time to sleep and awake

There are many disadvantages of getting up late, which affects our body late in the day. Many times our body is not ready to withstand its irregular routine and is vulnerable to many diseases. Keep an eye on these losses of late arrivals –

Due to not having calories burned, the body may suffer obesity.
The weight starts moving randomly.
Hormones begin to become unbalanced.
Decreased endorphin in the brain does not cause irritation.
Slowly surrounds the depression.
The risk of heart disease increases.
Bad on the muscles in resting condition
It does impact.
Sleeping longer also affects the brain and the memory starts to weaken.
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Time to sleep and awake

Some better remedies for good sleep

Wash the feet with warm water before sleeping.
Massage mustard oil in the soles of feet.
Sleeping on raw onions also brings good sleep.
Drink lukewarm milk at night.
Sleep well in boiling water after drinking mint water.
Keep your mind calm. Remove the bad thoughts coming from the mind in mind, think about what has been good in the day.
Spend 10 minutes after eating at night. It gives a good sleep.
Yoga can also be good for sleeping in the evening.
Make the distance from the electronic item before sleeping.
Listen to good music and read a great book. This remedy can be helpful in sleeping.
Avoid eating outdoors at night and lightening
Eat only food
Eat dinner at least 3 hours before sleeping.
Avoid the habit of sleeping in the daytime.
By drinking more fluids, you can open your sleep by going to bedroom in the night.
You should always sleep at the same time every day, this will be your habit.
Sleeping with empty stomach can cause sleep to sleep, so sleep alone byeating well.
Time to sleep and awake

Heart failure in winter is more, keep your heart’s attention

Time to sleep and awake

Benefits of good sleep

The digestive system remains smooth.
Body weight is balanced.
The body and mind are relaxed.
Concentration increases.
The mind is free of worry.
Headache and pain of other organs is relieved.
Disease resistance increases.
Body weight is balanced and you feel refreshed.
Low gold hazards
Time to sleep and awake

There is also danger of colds and flu.
Double Threat of Heart Diseases
Memory may be weak.
Diabetes can occur.
Constipation can also be a problem.
There may be death before time.
Reasons for not sleeping

mental stress
Excessive exhaustion
Abdominal deficiency
Routine not being balanced
There is no fixed time for sleeping and eating. KNOW MORE