The body's itching

Scientists have found an unsurpassed and effective way of treating itching. There will be no need to apply any creams or gels when itching. Scientists claim that showing a special light on the itchy part will cause itching.

This new technique of treatment has been successfully tested on rats. Experiment on rats found that after this treatment there was a decrease in itching and rats lower scratching of the itching part. In severe skin diseases it is found to relieve the itching only temporarily. This new approach will simplify the treatment. Researchers from the European Molecological Biology Laboratory, located in Rome, focused on the real causes of itching in the hope of a new treatment, after which the idea came out. The body’s itching

Such treatment will be done by the
researchers to create a chemical called IL31-IR 700. This chemical is sensitive to light and binds itchy-affected cells to the surface of the skin. The team of researchers injected this chemical into the skin of rats. After this, as soon as the infrared light was inserted on the skin lying on the skin, the itching cells became ineffective. The positive effects of this project were seen on animals. KNOW MORE