Surya Namaskar

Sonakshi Sinha has made her differently from her acting

since then, when he entered the films, he has made every effort to make himself into characters and always keeps himself fit for it. Sakal Tripathi has tried to know how Sonakshi keeps himself fit.

What is fitness for you?

Fitness is directly related to our health. Most people associate it with body size or lean, while it is not. Not everyone’s health is the same, but everyone can stay fit. The body and mind need to be healthy. This good health comes from positive thinking, good eating and exercise. When our mind and body both work well with positive energy without the best way, then we are the best fit. Everyone should be fit, for which small things have to be taken care of.Surya Namaskar

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What are those small things?
We should have healthy meals. The workout should be done every day. The body should always keep active and stay away from laziness. Most importantly, you should love your work, because when we love him, we give him 100 percent of ours. We must keep our thinking positive in every situation. Surya Namaskar

What do you do to stay fit?

I take care of my diet first to stay fit. I eat healthy food, but sometimes I eat a little bit of my own will. I work differently every day. Cardio, mix martial and yoga. By doing this, where the body’s posch is good, hands and shoulders are strong. We also do weight training in the gym. I have always been looking for different types of fitness and have continued to experiment in it. This has made my metabolism rate very good. This is my fitness mantra. I like to do sun salutes. This makes the whole body exercise.

Apart from acting, what do you like to do?

I have always thought about acting and I like acting. But I like to design clothes and dance is my favorite. While joking, I can not even tell about the happiness I feel. If I did not act, then I was a fashion designer or a good dancer. But know very well that whatever he did, he did very well.What do you think about life?
Life is like a gift to me, in which the upcoming Turn and Twist surprise us. That’s why this is a life of mine and it is also fear because my happiness and friends and family who are involved in my gum are those who love me so much. Life does not get repeated. That is why we should live without love, we should live without love.
Surya Namaskar

Like cooking?
Like cooking, but more does not come. I see the mother and eat the testy food of her hand, it seems that I should also cook. But I believe that good cooking requires a lot of patience, which I do not have.

Who are the closest ones?
I am the favorite of my family, so everyone loves me so much. Mama sometimes scolds on making mistakes, but later also I understand. When the closest thing is, then my parents are closest to me. These are those people who always show me the right path. KNOW MORE