artificial sweetener

What is the use of artificial sweeteners?

Artificial sweeteners are used in place of sugar. It gives a sweet taste just like sugar but it lacks food energy. Its chemical composition is completely different from sugar. Artificial sweeteners have no nutrients.

Recent studies have revealed that consumption of artificial sweeteners does not lose weight, but rather increases. Not only this, continuous intake increases the waist circumference and increases the risk of getting cancerous.

What food is being used in the artificial sweeteners
Nowadays many food items and beverages are being used in sugar substances, which are being sold by labeling ‘Sugar Free’, ‘Diet’ or ‘Low Calorie Foods’. These include soft drinks, chewing gum, jelly, bakery items, candies, fruit juices, ice cream, curd, soda, salad dressing etc. Diet Soda is one of the most popular drinks in the world.

It occurring health problems
increases artificial sweeteners obesity, according to a research conducted in Canada and the possibility of associated health problems. Through 37 studies around the world, it has been concluded that long-term use of artificial sweeteners increases the risk of obesity, hypertension and type 2 diabetes.


has recently used it revealed that those artificial sweeteners in a case study, causes their waist increases the hoop, which cause further weight gain and obesity. Artificial sweeteners have a negative effect on our metabolism, intestinal bacteria and hunger. The body also has difficulty in digesting artificial sweeteners.


Studies have revealed that artificial sweeteners are a risk factor for cancer, especially brain tumors. Consumption of excessive amount of DNA can also be damaged. There have been conclusions in many studies conducted around the world, which were exactly opposite to them. According to them there is no relation between consuming cancer and artificial sweeteners. Many studies are being done in keeping with these studies in mind.

Heart Disease

Continuous consumption of artificial sweeteners accelerates heartbeats. If this condition persists, the heartbeat becomes uncontrollable, which has a negative effect on the health of the heart. Studies also show that some artificial sweetener causes more damage to the normal functioning of the heart. Consumption of high amounts of artificial sweeteners increases hypertension, which is one of the main reasons for making our heart sick.


Those who consume artificial sweeteners, their ability to control the level of glucose in the blood is affected, which can make them easier prey for diabetes. Those who have diabetes already, they should not eat it or do it in small amounts. They should also stay away from such beverages, in which the use of artificial sweeteners is used.


Artificial sweeteners can make us sick mentally. Continuous consumption of excessive amounts of it can cause angina and depression. It consumes many nervous system related complications.

Sugar substitutes

sugar is called white poison and it is advisable not to consume it. Artificial sweeteners are also harmful to our health. If you like to eat sweet, then what to do? If this question arises in your mind then we are telling you many options of sugar, which you can try.
Instead of sugar, jaggery, honey, dates, fruit juice, fruits etc. should be consumed. The sugar levels in the blood do not grow much faster than sugar by consuming them. Honey is the best natural alternative to sugar, it does not contain only fructose or glucose, but also many minerals and vitamins. Because of this, it reduces losses and brings more benefits.

Expert opinion

I will not advise to eat them, unless the patient can not live without the Sweet Test. Only after examining the condition of the patient is recommended to take artificial sweeteners. Those patients who want to live normal lives, consult a doctor and eat it in small amounts. If you can not drink faky tea, you can put 1-2 pills of artificial switcher. Do not let that you put 8-10 pills in a cup. There is no major loss due to their consumption in small amounts.