sonali bendre

Sonali Bendre was diagnosed with high grade cancer, which she has defeated.
Sonali said that at the time of treatment, there was no talk of death in her mind.
Sonali also offers beautiful photoshoots for the cover of a magazine.
Last year, after the news of Sonali Bendre being diagnosed with high-grade cancer, everyone was shocked. Recently when Sonali returned to India from the US after winning the war from cancer, she became an inspiration source for cancer patients across the world. Cancer is a serious disease, which can break anyone’s feelings. Sonali Bendre recently gave a story of war with cancer in his interview to Harper’s Bazaar Magazine and also made a photo shoot for the cover of the magazine, in which he looks very beautiful. Sonali is seen in full swing in photos.

Sonali was shocked when diagnosed with cancer
Sonali told in the interview that when he found cancer, he was shocked because he considered himself to be a healthy and fit person. me that the chances of its recovery are only 30%, then I was broken. “

Sonali never tried to hide her cancer. In July 2018, he decided that he would tell the news of his health and cancer to the public. At the same time, during the treatment of Sonali cancer, by posting his photographs on social media, he was giving updates to his fans about his health.

I never thought of death
Sonali Bendre also told in this interview that even during the treatment of critical illness like cancer, he never thought of death. He said, “I never had the idea of ​​death in my heart. I knew that this war is going to last long (from cancer), but I did not think of death.” Sonali told that during her entire battle, her support system was her family and close friends. Recently in another interview Sonali had said, “There is no place for fear in my life.”

Sonali special advice for cancer patients
sonali My body has just become normal and now is a new journey for me. I tell other women affected by cancer that to fight cancer, More important is care and support of family and friends. ” During treatment of cancer, Sonali never weakened. KNOW MORE