slipped disc

What is the problem of slip disc?

Driving on crowded roads and due to the increased circulation of gadgets,sitting in the wrong positore for long is gaining weight on the health of the spine. Earlier, there were forty cases where slip discs were seen, today the youth are also circling the doctors in this regard. How can you avoid this pain, slipped disc

There has been a lot of change in the lifestyle of the past few decades. Our physical activity has decreased considerably and due to the increasing trend of features and gadgets, people are sitting in the wrong potschen hours. These days the cases of slip discs have increased rapidly among the youth. According to an estimate, five percent of the country’s population is struggling with a slight or serious problem of
slipped disc

What is the problem of slip disc? Learn what causes and treatment options

In our spinal cord there are 33 vertebrae (a series of bones), and these vertebrae are attached to the disc. These disks are often like rubber, which gives them flexibility with adding these bones. In fact, these discs are pad fitted in the spinal cord, which protects them from any type of shock or pressure. Each disk has two parts; Internal interior like a prison and the other one hard outer ring. Due to injuries or weakness, the interior of the disc can exit the outer ring, it is called a slip disc. It is also called Hernied or Prolapse Disk or Raptured Disk. This causes pain and restlessness. If a spinal nerve is suppressed due to slip disc then there is a problem of numbness and severe pain. In severe cases, surgery is required.
slipped disc

What are the reasons and methods of investigation?

Problems with slip discs are higher in men than women. This may be due to

Do not stay physically active ‘to stay late for bad’ muscle weakening of the muscles’ excessive tilting lifting heavy stuff ‘Bending or bending the body wrongly’ Lifting the weight more than ‘Abdominal injury’ increases Ages. .

First of all, physicians perform physical tests by touching the doctor. After this, X-rays, CT scans, MRIs and discographs etc. are advised to understand the disturbances in the spinal cord and surrounding muscles.
slipped disc

Treatment options

Slip discs are treated in many ways. Which treatment will be good for a person depends on how serious the problem is. If there is no negligence in treatment, 90 percent of slip discs do not require operation.
slipped disc


Exercising most people is of great benefit to you. Victims of slip discs should exercise only under the supervision of the physiotherapist. They exercise such that strengthen the waist and surrounding muscles. To reduce the pain, you can use hot pack 10 minutes before exercising.
slipped disc


Looking at the patient’s condition, doctors give Muscles Relaxers and Nacrotics medicines to relieve muscle strain and pain.

Open surgery

After six weeks of continuous exercise and medicines are not comfortable, doctors can recommend surgery after the trial. The surgeon removes the full disk without removing the damaged part of the disc, it is called microdiskectomy. In severe cases the doctors change the disc and fuse vertebrae together. Laminatectomy and spinal fusion give stability to the spinal column. slipped disc

Minimally invasive surgery.

Nowadays, the trend of minimally invasive decompression and minimally invasive stabilization processes has increased significantly. These are safe and effective options compared to Open Neck and Back Surgery. Surgery can be done by putting a small incision in it.
slipped disc

Ozone Therapy

This is the new treatment method. It is also called ozoneucleolysis. This therapy is effective in severe cases of slip disks. In this, the affected disc is injected into ozone (a refined form of oxygen), which gives relief from pain immediately. This advice is given to those whose lower part of the nerves is suppressed, which causes severe pain in the feet. Ozone therapy does not require an incision. It has no effect. About 85 percent of cases get good results. But in case of slip disc in which the patient’s feet have been paralyzed or have no control over the bladder muscles, they require conventional surgery.
slipped disc

Do not delay

Nerves can be permanently damaged after ignoring treatment. In very few cases it is seen that the slip disc can numb the neural impulses of the lower parts and feet of the waist. This can cause the person to lose control of the rectum or bladder. The normal process of excretion can be disturbed. Due to this there may be another serious complication, which is called saddle anesthesia. In this case, the slip disc compresses the nerves and the sensation stops in the inner part of the thighs, the back of the legs and the surrounding area of ​​the rectum. Legs can be paralyzed and you may have a problem with relieving urine. slipped disc

Yoga is effective

many types of Yogasan relief in this problem. When there is no problem with walking and you feel a little better, then start doing yoga. Experts advise the fisheries of Kreidasan, Makarasan, Bhujangasan, Dhanurasan, Vajrasana, Aridhalbhasan, Ardhmatsyyasandrasana. Apart from this, the person should sleep on a hard bed. Do not shake the waist more. Relax, until swelling diminishes. Keeping warm and cold strips alternately in pain and swelling place also gives comfort.
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