drinking-water in winter

Summer always looks thirsty The throat starts to dry, that means the body indicates that the water in the body is decreasing. Please drink water. But in the winter our body forgets to give a sign of thirst. Our body forgets to signal thirst in winter

The failure of the thirst sign is fatal for our body in the same way as the signal of the radiator of the car is closed. In this case, the engine of the car gets hot and the risk of fire is increased.

Actually, our body has 75 percent water. Water is essential for all the processes that run inside the body. In cold also, water is as much needed as the heat does not wait for thirst to drink water.
Our body forgets to signal thirst in winter

Drink a glass of water every time before or after the meal. It helps in digestion and the body is able to absorb more nutrients.

Drink water at the right time

Drink two glasses of water after waking up in the morning. This helps to remove the toxic substances present in the organs before the first day of meal.

Blood pressure is controlled by drinking a glass of water before bathing.

Drink a glass of water before sleeping in the night so that the body can be saved from night-to-day water loss.

If you work out, then it is necessary to drink water before and after.

The right way to drink water

Do not drink too much cold water

Drinking too much cold water with food can cause toxic substances in the stomach. Always drink normal temperature water.

Do not drink water with a bottle

The bottle is home to diseases, avoid it.

Do not drink too much water

Many times we drink more water before eating to kill hunger. This damages digestion process.

Sit and drink water

By standing up and drinking water, the nutrient body present in it can not be found.

Continue drinking a little water each day

You feel satisfied by drinking a bit of water throughout the day. It also looks less hungry

Thirsty with age

According to research at Harvard Medical School, thirst for aging seems to be short. Because of this, older people often complain about dehydration. In this age weakness, low blood pressure, dizziness and panic can also be a sign of thirst. Eating more medicines also reduces thirst. Considering your age, take plenty of water.
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