Drinking green tea reduces the risk of obesity. Along with this, Green Tee is also helpful in eliminating other disruptive factors. This has been revealed in a research conducted by scientists. According to research published in the journal Nutrition Biochemistry, consuming green tea helps reduce weighobesity will reducet.

Such researches: Scientists studied on a rat. A mouse was given two percent green tea to eat. During this time, it was found that compared to the green tea rats, the rat was more healthy and its weight decreased continuously. Scientists excited by the results of this research will investigate the benefits of green tea in diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
obesity will reduce

Good bacteria increased: During research, found that there was no problem in intestines consuming green tea. At the same time, the number of good bacteria in their intestines increased, which help in the digestion process. At the same time, the problem of leakage in the intestinal wall was also overcome. Richard Bruno, a US researcher at Ohio State University, said that green tea encourages digestive system by promoting good bacteria in the intestines, thereby reducing the risk of obesity.
obesity will reduce

Bruno said, some people say Green Tea is helpful in weight loss, while some scientists disagree. We tried to find out in this research how green tea prevents weight gain.
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