new year resolution

New Year Resolutions

lifestyle changes have changed as lifestyle changes have changed. People prefer to eat Ready-to-eat foods or Instant foods instead of home-made food. The food is very convenient to eat these food items, but it has increased the risk of health. The amount of calories in them is very high, but the amount of nutrients is very low, due to the increase in obesity, many health problems start to occur. If you are also fond of Junk Foods, then suppose that they will either completely stop or lose too much. Eat such food, in which carbohydrate, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals are in balanced amounts. New Year Resolutions 2019-Healthy New Year

Gadgets will be used as

an integral part of our lives. The use of computers, mobile, TVs etc. is increasingly increasing. Modern researches say that those who spend more than four hours in front of the screen every day, the fear of dying of any disease increases by 46 percent compared to those who watch TV less than two hours a day. Those who use gadgets more, the level of stress increases, in which their behavior becomes slightly aggressive. Get out of the house, spend time with family and friends.
New Year Resolutions 2019-Healthy New Year

Join yoga and exercise in life

Exercise and yoga make the person physically healthy and mentally balanced. Exercising regularly is the most efficient way to keep the immune system tight. You can do this in 20 minutes. If there is boredom in exercise, you can also take advantage of cycling, veronag, cypress, aerobics, yoga to get fitness.

You will take full sleep for 6 to 8 hours of sleep is very important for your body and brain to work properly. If you do not take enough sleep then the immune system will not have time to rebuild and it will weaken. Immune system weakens by insomnia, which also increases the risk of infections and vulnerability to diseases. The digestive system is the basis of our health, which can not function properly due to lack of sleep. If you have a problem of insomnia, then drink a glass of lukewarm milk before sleeping, because it helps in getting good sleep.
New Year Resolutions 2019-Healthy New Year

not affect stress, not only physical, mental and emotional health. Due to this, the problems of heartbeat rapidly, digestion becomes dim, and affecting blood flow, nervous system functioning, and weakening of immune system. There are many ways to avoid this, which you can choose from your own.

Weight loss will not increase

According to Ayurveda, increasing the amount of cough in the body leads to obesity. Due to this, the risk of diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, asthma, cholesterol, excessive perspiration, joint pain, infertility etc. are increased. If you have more weight then lower it and if it is normal then keep it in control.

Breakfast will definitely give

your body the energy needed to work smoothly. You will not feel tired and will work more. Breakfast is considered as the most important meal of our day. Those who do not get the time for breakfast in the morning, they can eat in the way while traveling to the train, bus or office in their car.

Regularly perform medical checkups

Most people think that they are completely fit and healthy and health checkup is nothing more than a waste of time and money. But they should understand that symptoms of many serious diseases are not seen in the first phase. Medical tests are important, so that the diseases can be identified at the right time.
Socialize, make good friends

Today, the increasing trend of fast life and gadgets has made people a single one. The distances in relationship have increased, but you have to understand that man is a social creature. Talking to others is the best exercise in the brain. Good happiness relationships are very important for human health. Take the time to recharge your batteries once a week. Do not use or reduce gadgets on that day. Spend some time with nature. Breathe in the fresh air. Experience the sunlight. Studies have revealed that both of these have a positive effect on our mood and health. Spend time with your family members and friends.
New Year Resolutions 2019-Healthy New Year

How to complete the resolution 

How to complete the resolution

Do not take five-six resolutions simultaneously. Just take a resolution and try to complete it.

Prepare your resolve in advance, so that you have time to think and achieve your goal.
New Year Resolutions 2019-Healthy New Year

Do not repeat the same resolution of the previous year. If you choose it, then at least choose the different techniques to get it.

Write the resolution and how to fulfill it in your diary.

Upon completion of the resolution, you set a prize for yourself. This will inspire you to focus more on things.

Do not think of completing your resolution unrealistic. For example, if you have resolved to quit sweets, do not completely remove sweets from your diet, once a week, eat sweets. KNOW MORE