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Overcoming cancer is possible, this is illustrated by many people. Such people include Sonali Bendre, Irfan Khan etc. That is, anybody can overcome cancer if you pay attention at times. Inspiring film actress and social worker Nafisa Ali how to control cancer, sharing information is Suman Bajpai

Irfan Khan, Sonali Bendre and now film artist, politician and social worker Nafisa Ali have become a victim of this dangerous disease. As soon as he came to know about this, he said that before wanting to be untouchable in life, he wants to see his third grandson or natin. His daughter has to be delivered in June. She wants to see her baby coming to her According to the news of the English website Pinkwilla, Nafisa Ali said, “My children are my strengths, which are giving me the power to fight cancer. When I came to know about my illness, my family was saddened. But due to his love and support, I am fighting with this disease while handing myself over. I do not want to give up

When the pain happened, the doctor

had met with the doctor due to the pain in the stomach. But after eating the medicines for five days continuously, when the pain did not subside, he did a test with the doctor’s advice, which showed that he was the third stage cancer

Identification of the disease

Nafisa Ali is suffering from Peritoneal and Ovarian Cancer of the Third Stage. Cancer diseases are increasing rapidly even among Indians all over the world. Women with this disease are also not untouched. In most cancerous cases in women, breast cancer is the first place, second only to cervical cancer and the third number of ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is the eighth most common cancer, in which it has the fifth place in terms of mortality. According to the Indian Medical Association (IMA), the main reason for reaching the advanced stage and early death is that many women do not have symptoms of this disease till the last time.

61-year-old Nafisa Ali, who suffers from Stage 3 peritoneal cancer (a cancer that develops in thin layers of tissue near the stomach), has been chemotherapy three times so far. In the month of February, one of his major surgeries is going to happen, after which there will be many chemotherapy again.

Awareness is essential to make

your illness public, that every woman should become conscious of it and recognize its symptoms during its time to be able to treat it. In spite of her hardship, Nafisa has become a crusader for women, especially for women, to recognize and treat cancer at the moment. They believe that today we have time to explore cancer-making tools, which are cheap and save time too. They should be delivered to every woman. Our medical staff should be trained in such a way that they can create awareness about cancer diagnosis and symptoms. They have to undergo all the treatment procedures from the cancer screening process, but they are facing them with lively runners and fighting cancer. Many people have been able to overcome cancer with strong addictions, and they will also win on cancer.

Disadvantages of Nafisa Ovarian Cancer refers to the development of any type of cancer in the ovary. Ovarian cancer is mostly produced from the outer layer of the ovary. The most common type of ovarian cancer is called epithelial oral cancer (EOC). Dr. K.K., Chairman, IMA Agarwal says, ovarian cancer will not always be known until it spreads between the waist and the stomach. Often symptoms of this disease do not appear either in the beginning or in the end. Lack of appetite and weight is included in its symptoms, but it is not possible to know the disease. It is treated with surgery, chemotherapy or both at once and sometimes with radiotherapy. KNOW MORE