malaika arora

Bollywood actress Malaika Arora is in the news for her fitness and beauty. Everyone is curious about their fitness, how do they look so fit and glamorous even after the age of 45? His reign of fitness

There are lots of things about your fitness How much do you care for fitness in your daily routine?
Fitness is just like eating other important things along with me. It empowers you to be mentally and physically. So no matter how important work is done, I take time out for workouts. In addition to whatever I eat and drink throughout the day, keep in mind that I take healthy things. In my hot water the honey and lemon are made from some water containing boondas. This gives me freshness. In breakfast I like to eat avocado toast, in which I eat chili flakes over the avocado toast, so that its taste changes. The day I do not get time to go to the gym, I do swimming-jogging for half an hour. Malaika Arora,Fitness Tips:

What kind of diet do you take to maintain fitness?
Slim figure looks very hard to maintain. I am not hungry for this, but with the help of slim body, healthy skin is also maintained, so I eat fruit throughout the day and such food, which has direct effect on the skin and body. Like I eat a lot of berries in the morning, because I consider them good for skin. Eat almonds and bananas with her. After that I have breakfast, which contains lots of vegetables. I take datox meals in lunch, which contains mostly boiled vegetables. In the evening I eat sandwiches with peanut butter, so that I do not stay hungry. At night I eat 2 roti, run, sprouts and chicken. At 8 am I have a meal before Coconut water and tomatoes make great contribution in making my skin beautiful.

How do you face gossip?
For so many years now the gossip and criticism have stopped making a difference. I meditate every day, which helps me keep calm and keep positive thinking. I try to stay away from negative people and spend more time with them, with whom I am happy. KNOW MORE