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Experts call the White Poison. How they prove to be harmful for health,

Sugar, salt, flour, white rice and cow’s pasteurized milk are foods that do not have nutrition at all. There is a lot of harm in eating them. Yes, it is important for us to consume salt in small amounts, but in the higher quantity it consumes many ways to harm the health. The color of these five is white. Hence they are also called white poison. / Know what happens to eating sugar or salt and rice


Sugar is called ‘Foodless Food’. It is empty in the name of calories, there are no vitamins or minerals, which are necessary for us. Consumption of high sugar intake increases the risk of obesity and diabetes. This can lead to serious problems such as heart attack, cancer, brain stroke.

Why harmful white sugar

white sugar is also called refined sugar. Sulfur dioxide, phosphoric acid, calcium hydroxide and activated carbon are used to refine it. After refining, vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes and other beneficial nutrients present in it are destroyed, only sucrose survives and excessive amount of sucrose is fatal to the body. Due to the high levels of
due to this, due to excessive sugar, high levels of metabolism related diseases such as high levels of cholesterol, insulin resistance and hypertension occur.
Fats of fat on the stomach have increased in excess quantity due to excessive consumption of sugar.
This causes problems like obesity, tooth decay, diabetes and immune system degradation.
It consumes more calcium metabolism in the body. Sugar absorbs calcium from hair, bones, blood and teeth.
Sugar in large quantities also affects our digestive system.
Vitamin B deficiency in the body and also adversely affects the nervous system.
Because of the refined sugar, there are chemical reactions in the brain, which can lead to secretion of chemistry, which makes us feel good, but only after a while we feel tired, irritable and depressed.
Know what happens to eating sugar or salt and rice

What are its options?

People suffering from diabetes should eat naturally sweet things such as fruit etc. Healthy people should also eat jaggery, honey, dates, fruits, fruit juice etc, instead of sugar. Honey is the best natural alternative to sugar. It does not contain only fructose or glucose, but there are also many minerals and vitamins.


Many people value flavor more than health. They taste the taste of snacks and spicy things, but these things increase the risk for our health.
According to the World Health Organization, salt should mean that table salt should be less than 5 grams per day. Increasing danger from salt
Salt consumption in normal quantities is essential for our body to function smoothly, but consuming more quantity of salt increases the risk of serious diseases. Eating more salt leads to hyper tension and high blood pressure. Continuous hyper tension increases the risk of heart disease, stroke and kidney disease. Eating more salt reduces the amount of iron in the blood and increases the acidity in the stomach, which leads to feeling hungry even when there is no appetite. With this, we consume more calories, which leads to obesity.
Know what happens to eating sugar or salt and rice

How to eat salt

Do not eat more salt in the food.
Eat salty snacks at least.
Do not put salt in curd.
Eat less fried food.
Eat salad without salt.
Eat less papad, chutney and processed food.
Those who suffer from heart, kidney or lung disease, eat less sodium salt or consult your doctor.


flour is made from wheat, but during processing, all its nutrients are released. Apart from this, the chemicals used for the preparation of the Made of Madei are also harmful to the body. 
Health problems arising from this are
called ‘glue off groups’. There are no fiber in it, due to which the digestive system gets stuck. Due to the decreasing digestion, metabolism also slow down. Due to this, weight gain increases the risk of stress, headache and migraine problem. Actually, during the process of making flour from wheat, the bran is separated, which is very important for digestion. Eating of Maida increases the level of bad cholesterol (LDL), which causes many health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure etc. 
What are options
Maiden can eat in small amounts occasionally. Avoid excessive intake and choose healthier options. Make samosas from flour rather than maida. Take a portion of wheat flour to make Naan and add one part of the jowar and millet flour. Eat flour, noodles, pasta and macronie. Nowadays it is also easily available in the market. From flour, you can make many food items that can be kept safe for a few days.
Know what happens to eating sugar or salt and rice

White rice is called refined grain or refined carb. During refining, the straw and bran are taken out of it, leaving Vitamin B complex, Iron and Fiber. The polish made to make White Rice attractive causes nutrient deficiencies.
Health problems caused by this
are endosperm in white rice grains, which are pure starch. In the medical world, starch is considered to be harmful, which increases the level of insulin. By eating them increases the level of sugar in the blood, which increases the risk of diabetes.
What is the option
eat brown rice as much as possible. It contains more fiber and other nutrients. Brown rice has a bran. Bran is a good source of fiber. There are also Vitamin B12, Minerals and Amino Acids.
Know what happens to eating sugar or salt and rice

Facts and figures

Scientists of Princeton University have found in their studies that chemicals emitted from sugar go through the same brain pathways, which allow heroin chemistry to pass through.

‘cancerous cells need more quantity of glucose to survive and grow, which emerges from sugar.
‘According to a 2009 research at Chicago University, there is a direct connection between sugar intake and the aging of cells. Those who consume excess quantity of sugar, their body is not only the cells of the brain become too old.
‘People who eat white rice five times a week, the risk of diabetes increases