Sudden pain in the wrist increases so many times

that it becomes difficult to tolerate. Missing excessive pain can also lead to surgery. Why is the pain in the wrist,

Writing on a computer or carrying a lot of weight on the computer suddenly leads to acute pain in the wrist. Many times we ignore this pain, which later causes great problems. Even surgery can also come in handy. Although surgery is done in very rare cases. The problem of pain in the wrist is more in women than men. This pain increases in cold weather.

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Carpal tunnel syndrome

constantly uses the mouse and keyboards on the computer to push fingers and wrists. Swelling also occurs several times, causing wrinkle or numbness. Sometimes its effect comes in hands and fingers. It is called carpal tunnel syndrome. The carpal tunnel has a narrow tube or tunnel path near the wrist. The associated nerves and fibers are connected to thumb, middle, and ring finger fingers. Whenever there is pressure on the cells and nerves around the wrist, its effect also occurs on the fingers and palms. WRIST PAIN

Chronic injury

Chronic injury can also cause wrist pain. At that time it is not known very much, but after a sudden, the pain arises. It is better to show any bone injury associated with the specialist. Apart from the players, during pregnancy in women, this problem is more due to increased menopause and obesity.

Massage should be done with painkiller oil in the morning and evening.
The more you have the wrist for a while, relax. Doctors can also recommend wearing pulled.
Move the wrist too much during pain-do not dive. Avoid lifting heavy things. Any work on the computer is continuously strengthening hands, then relax the hands in between. Exercise for a while with Smiley Ball
Whenever there is a pain in the wrist, the first thing to do is to flush the ice at the painful place. Doing so provides relief in pain.
Essential advice: Do the use of painkillers with the doctor’s advice.

Adopt these measures There is
a lot of pain in the wrist or it is happening so quickly, with the doctor showing up, you also need to make changes in your work methods. Physiotherapy and medicines come to rest soon.

The correct currency of the wrist: It is also very important to keep the wrist in the right posture. While working on a computer, the long-term wrist cannot be properly placed on the table, continuous work with one hand, resting fingers, or constantly holding the mobile hands in hand can cause pain. If working for a long time on a computer, then use the mouse pad to support the wrist. Similarly, while working, your elbows should be in a state of rest on either side of the body.

Exercise is necessary: Not being in a blood transfusion to all parts of the body can also cause wrist pain. Regular exercise causes blood circulation regularly and gradually increases the amount of oxygen in the wrist area. A mild exercise of the wrist makes the nerves and muscles of the surrounding areas flexible, which gives relief in pain. Moving the wrist in the direction of the clock or turning from the clock in the opposite direction also gives comfort. Exercise only with the doctor’s advice.