The general weakness increases in the growing age, the risk of this disease

Scientists have said in recent research thatthe risk of physically impaired people with dementia is more prone to dementia. The team of scientists led by Professor Kenneth Rockwood of the Dalhousie University of Canada researched more than 450 people. Professor Rockwood said, “There is a high probability of weakening of the minds of physically challenged people.”

He said that people who are physically weak with age are unable to fight with minor changes in the brain in the growing age, and they are more vulnerable to Alzheimer’s grip. One-third of those researchers were found to be in the grip of dementia, which lacked the brain’s weakness but they were physically extremely weak.

Professor Rockwood said, “In the physically weaker person, the ability to tolerate changes in the brain with age decreases and they come under the influence of dementia and other mental illnesses. Such people are advised to change their diet and exercise with age to avoid physical weakness. KNOW MORE