tuberculosis patients should be cautious and aware of the course of medicine during treatment. If the medicine has stopped taking medicines in the middle then the fear of getting TB again becomes strong

Once again it is proven to be very serious and dangerous when it is TB. In this way, there may be severe immune system TB. The course of TB medicine runs for six to nine months. Many times it happens that the patient decides by taking a medicine for two or three months, that the disease has been cured and it happens, but the disease is completely removed only when the entire course of medicine is run. These things are done by senior physician cum AIDS, tuberculosis and hepatitis specialist Dr Divakar Radhak. Dr Divakar Tazhavi said that the number of patients who quit the medication in the middle is increasing. Those who are TB patients, they will have to complete the course of medicine only then they will be completely cured.

Hepatitis vaccine: Hepatitis B is the most common disease in a state like Bihar. This disease also spreads like HIV virus. It is also caused by infection with most infectious blood, needle, syringe and needle. Specialty medical care workers who give the needle should also check once. Hepatitis B should be vaccinated. This vaccine can be taken at any age. Hepatitis A and E are mostly due to dirt, unclean water and food. Dr Diwakar Tazhavi told that treatment of AIDS is possible. Infected couples can also give birth to normal child. There has been more awareness among people in the past.

Cough is to be examined for two weeks

Cough for more than two weeks, do not ignore it. Get your sputum check immediately. These facilities are available at Government Health Centers. Identifying the symptoms of TB in the lungs is also important. If blood is coming in the sputum, chest pain, weight loss and even in the evening there is a slight fever, taking it seriously, it should be done to diagnose and treat the person with the help of the doctor. There are many types of TB. Patients of the lung TB are more dangerous for the other, because the virus spreads and also takes the side of those who live nearby.

Question: Cough is not getting cured for a long time?

Answer: In the past, TB patients have already lived and the course of medication has not been completed. You should have taken medication for six months but you left the medicine after three months. This has happened since leaving medicine in the middle. Check for mucus. Do not be afraid of TB but be aware.

Question: Hepatitis-B-positive has been found. (Siwan to Saddam Hussein)

Answer: Chronic hepatitis B is First of all, ultrasound, liver function test etc. should be examined. Contact a good doctor and get treatment. Can consult a doctor on six-six months.

Question: Hepatitis was vaccinated but again it has come positive.

Answer: If this has happened then there can be two reasons. First, when you have checked, the investigation report will be confusing or if you have done immunization, then you have not been able to do it properly. Once again check the Hepatitis-B profile, DNA viral load.

Answer: Patients with Lung TB need to take care of many things. There is a transition from such patients to another. The patient and other members of the house have to be cautious according to their own. The patient living in the house should be airy. Whenever there is a cough, do not wear cloth on your face. If the patient has taken TB medicine for three to four weeks then others do not have any effect.
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