Pancreatic Cancer

It is difficult to identify in the initial round of pancreatic cancer, which is the cause of the death of Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar. It is also called silent killer because its symptoms are not immediately visible. Early signs of cancer in pancreas i.e. pancreatitis are so common that it is difficult to accept cancer. But as long as it seems to be an obscure, the cancer has already reached its strident form.

Due to today’s random lifestyle, cases of pancreatic cancer have accelerated. Apart from the irregular lifestyle, there is also unhealthy food and adulteration. Apart from smoking, alcohol, red meat and high fat content, the risk is high. Let’s know its symptoms

Pain in the upper part of the stomach.
Skin, eye and urine color become yellow.
Loss of appetite, chills and vomiting Feeling weakness and the weight gain.

It is therefore difficult to identify

The pancreatic lot is located inside the body. It is not possible to find out by seeing or touching it from outside.

Pancreas is covered with many organs due to being quite inside the stomach. Therefore, cancerous lump in pancreatitis is not known.

Pancreatic cancer initially complains of stomach ache. But people often take it as a normal stomach pain and take penicillar.

Certain symptoms of pancreatic cancer also occur with other diseases, so also this test becomes very difficult.

Its early symptoms also match the jaundice, hepatitis, Gaul Stone. In these diseases
serum bilirubin also increases abnormally in the body.

Acidity, constipation, abdominal pain, dysentery etc. are also known to it. But these symptoms are so simple that when someone gets them, they do not go towards pancreatic cancer.

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