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The spices present in our house or commonly used items are also helpful

in removing many serious diseases. Plants like Tulsi and Aloe Vera are also very potent and have the power to overcome many serious diseases. About these home remedies yoga, guru Baba Ramdev is quoting here in the video link below. Let’s know about them home remedies

Lumps formed in the body are very dangerous, because they also cause cancer. Lumps in the breast may also be lumps of lump in the ovaries, uterus. To remove the knots formed in the body, it is good to take two grams turmeric of empty stomach in the morning.
home remedies

Turmeric, fenugreek, ginger powder should be consumed for vata diseases. It also provides relief in arthritis pain If this recipe is heat, then add aloe vera juice to it. It improves acidity, heat and joint pain all three.

Gilo also eliminates the old and tired pain of joints. It consumes cold, colds, cough, fever, infections and increases immunity. Giloy controls obesity and sugar and is also helpful in increasing platelets

Mixing aloe vera juice in the juice of amla juice, taking it in the hot water in the morning cleans the stomach, the energy is found, the hair and the eyes become good too.
home remedies

Take a glass of milk with 3 to 5 grease made in desi ghee for headache, it is beneficial. Taking 1 spoon almond powder with cow’s milk also benefits the headache. Migraines also get relief in pain. Almond granular oil can also be put in the nose.

Aloe vera juice acidity, many types of problems in menopause are over.

Shisham, neem and basil leaves are very beneficial to eat empty stomach in the morning. Due to this, diabetes remains in control, blood is cleaned and many serious diseases remain intact. Eating neem leaves also provides relief in itching in the body. Cucumber, bitter gourd juice, and giloya leaves will have diabetes control.
home remedies

Taking cumin, 100 gm almonds, 20 grams of black pepper and 50 grams of one spoonful Ram with hot milk is very beneficial.

Cholesterol is less than eating garlic overnight and soaking. Some people heat garlic, so soak it in water overnight. This leaves the heat of garlic.

Take lemon juice, garlic, ginger and onion in equal quantity. Crush these three and remove their juice. Now put four things in a vessel and cook it on low flame. If all four things are taken in 100-100 grams then the total mixture will be 400 grams. Cook it on the gas until it thickens and becomes 100 grams. Now mixing honey with one spoon every day cholesterol is low.
home remedies

Heart diseases often require blood dilution medication. You can adopt a home-based recipe for onions. It will be good to eat an empty stomach onion in the morning. Also, take out an onion juice and add one teaspoon of honey to it, it will also provide relief.

Gourd juice is cholesterol for cholesterol. Gourd juice also controls thyroid. If the hair falls then drink the gooseberry juice together in the gourd juice. Will benefit. Arjun’s bark and cinnamon are also good for controlling cholesterol. Take both of these things in equal proportions and keep them powder. Take this powder from two grams of hot water or drink tea also.
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