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The main reason for not eating properly is to become a gas. Many people get gas in the digestive tract. This happens many times a day with some people. With aging, the level of enzyme in the body decreases, this also increases the problem of gas. This problem of gas can cause many serious problems, from which Shamim Khan is providing information about the rescue. gas problem

Gas is formed in the body of each person. It comes out of the body either by dork or through the anal path. Most people produce 1 to 4 point gas in their body and in one day a normal person passes gas at least 14 to 23 times. Those whose digestive power is often bad and often suffer from constipation,
gas problem

The reasons are many

Foods containing carbohydrate make more gas than fats and protein-rich food.

The gas is made from constipation, because for as long as the food remains in the intestine, the more gas will be formed.

By eating or drinking quickly, the air goes in the air, which causes the gas.

Chewing gum chewing and smoking also causes a considerable amount of air to go into the stomach.

With aging, the level of enzymes in the body decreases causes gas.

Physical inactivity also causes gas.

Caffeine (tea, coffee, caffeinated drinks, etc.) makes a large amount of consuming gas.

Consuming more calories than necessary.

Consume excessive amount of fried food.

Keep a long gap between two meals.

Learn the symptoms are the most common symptoms of stomach gas in the stomach – flatulence, stomachache, dizziness and gas passing. Understanding the causes and treating it can be treated.
gas problem

Those who take a duck during or after eating, they are swallowing excessive amount during meals. The cause of excessive deterioration can also be problems like a peptic ulcer in the upper part of the digestive tract.

Flatulence calls
it a gas pass in the normal language. Most people do not know that passing a gas 14 to 23 times a day is normal. Becoming more gas is an indication of no absorption of carbohydrate.

can also cause stomach gas or flowers due to large intestine cancers or a hernia. Due to excess fat diet, the stomach is empty late. It also causes stomach bloating and restlessness. The growing size of an organ may also cause stomach upset.
gas problem

Stomach Pain

When there is gas in the intestine, some people suffer from stomachache. When there is pain on the right side of the large intestine, it is the illusion of heart disease, but when the pain is on the right side,

Vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, onion

Fruits like pears, apples, bananas and peaches.

Wheat like whole grains

Soft drinks and fruit juice

Products made from milk and milk etc.

Peas, breads, salads, legumes

Remedies to avoid gas

Do not drink carbonated drinks and wine because they release carbon dioxide.

Do not drink anything by piping, drink directly from the glass.

Do not eat more fried and spicy food.

Stress is also a major cause of gas becoming, so try to stay away from stress.

Constipation can also be a reason for it.

Chew the food and eat it. Save mega meals for three meals a day, eat a mini-mile at some intervals.
gas problem

Do not sleep immediately after eating. Take a walk for a while. Due to this digestion will also be cured and the stomach will not blossom.

Eat food at a fixed time to keep your biological clock correct.

Those people who have this problem with lactose, do not take or buy milk or milk products.

Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Eat more quantity of fluids along with more fibrous foods.

Use mustard, cardamom, cumin, and turmeric while cooking.
gas problem

Home remedies

If you have a gas problem then you should take half a teaspoon of celery with water every day. It contains an element called thymol, which produces digestive juices.

Consumption of cumin water is considered as a normal treatment of a gas problem. It contains essential oil, which stimulates the salivary glands and helps in digestion.

If you are constantly troubled by the problem of gas, then take a spoon of ginger juice after mixing it with a spoon of lemon juice after eating it daily.

If the stomach is stomach due to the gas, then take half a spoonful of asafoetida powder with lukewarm water, it will get instant relief.
gas problem

Put half a teaspoon Triphala powder in water and boil for 5 to 10 minutes. Drink it before sleeping in the night, getting relief from gas and flatulence. Keep in mind, do not take it in excess, because it can increase the stomach problems.
gas problem

Garlic enhances the process of digestion and reduces the gas problem. Make sure to include it in the food.

Make sure to include curd in your diet chart.

If you have been suffering from gas for a long time, then eat three buds of garlic and empty pieces of ginger on empty stomach.

Eat mint. This will improve the digestive system.

To avoid a gas problem

Do not sit for several hours continuously. Break a few minutes every hour.

After a lunch, take a walk for a while.

Use stairs instead of a lift.

After eating the food, take a glass of lime water or take small papaya in a small tiffin box and eat it after eating, the gas will not be formed.

If the gas is being made in excess quantity, increase the intake of water.

If the stomach is stomach due to gas, then drink a cup of tea or coffee.

Although gas is not a very serious problem, it may be a sign of serious problems related to digestive system.

Problem of constipation

In most of the above cases, there are many other signs besides gas and flatulence. If there is any such problem, contact your doctor immediately or contact the specialist.
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