Omega-3s found in fish oil reduce the risk of bleeding during surgery. The belief is that fish oil should be stopped before surgery. Fish oil is the most common natural supplement for hypertriglyceridemia or cardiovascular disease (cardiac) disease prevention.

However, in order to reduce the risk of bleeding during surgery, patients are recommended to take fish oil before surgery. This research has been published in the Journal of the Scholarly name. It has been reported that high doses of Omega-3 in the blood – EPA and DHA together reduce the risk of bleeding.

This research was carried out on a total of 1,516 patients, who had surgery. Half of the patients were given the dose of Omega-3S, while half of the patients were placed placebo (false-cardiac medication for research). During research, it was found that patients who had been given Omega-3S, needed less unit blood to carry them during surgery. Omegaquant founder Bill Harris said, “In this study researchers have concluded that there is a need to reconsider the recommendation of delaying the intake of fish oil or delaying surgery before surgery.”

Omega-3S is especially important for the health of the heart, brain, eyes and joints, especially the EPA and DHA. But most people do not consume enough of this valuable fatty acid, which increases the risk of serious health-related hazards.