Epilepsy disease is due to brain activity due to electrical activity

If a person’s brain is unable to work properly, then the person may have epilepsy. This can be overcome by many natural remedies.

Epilepsy is due to neurological disorder. The disease of epilepsy can also be caused by a person taking excessive intoxicants, causing severe brain injury or mental shock. This disease is caused by brain disorder. The body gets agitated when it comes to epilepsy, which is also called Caesar Disorder in English.

Dr Mukul Verma, Senior Consultant at Apollo Hospital’s Neurology says that there are many misconceptions in people’s mind about the disease, due to which it can not be properly treated. People understand epilepsy as crazy. In rural areas, people consider this disease as a ghost-ghost. Most important is to overcome these misconceptions.

Control on Hoarding
By changing the patient’s lifestyle, this disease can be controlled to a great extent. According to a research, patients with epilepsy should eat more fat and less carbohydrate. This reduces the frequency of Caesar fall. In a quiet and relaxed environment, it is very important to adopt a controlled diet system. Avoid taking a tummy full of food. Take a little food several times. The patient should only eat fruits one day a week. Exercising a little should also be a part of lifestyle.

Tulsi is useful
Grinding basil leaves and mixing them on the body helps the epilepsy patients. Dizzying the camphor with the leaves of the Basil gives the patient of epilepsy a sensation. By eating chewing 20 leaves of Tulsi every day, there is a decrease in the severity of the disease.

Lactic lime
To get relief from epilepsy, sprinkle a little bit of asafetida powder on a lemon and suck it. With the addition of asafetida powder or gorakhmundi in the lemon, it will stop epilepsy visits within a few days after sucking it daily.

Also try these remedies

Grapes should be taken in the morning empty stomach. This treatment results in pleasant results for about six months.
The patient should bath with epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) mixed water.
Apply wet clay to the whole body of the patient is a very beneficial treatment.
Mix 50 grams of Mehndi leaves in 250 grams of goat’s milk and give it to the epilepsy, after drinking it in the morning for two weeks.
Petha juice is more beneficial than regular drinking. Sugar and molasses powder can also be mixed in juice.
Butter made from cow’s milk benefits in epilepsy.
Grind the mustard and make the powder. When the patient touches, then snooze, fainting will be removed.
Drinking apple juice also benefits.

More than five million victims
Over five million people worldwide are suffering from epilepsy and this problem is constantly increasing. Epilepsy disease is common in many countries of the world including India.KNOW MORE