Many misconceptions about kidney diseases are also present in the society, information about which is necessary. Articles about the myths

Myth: Kidney diseases come so secretly that they do not know.
Reality: Yes, it is true that in most cases no symptoms are seen, as long as the disease does not reach the advanced stage. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) causes kidneys to break up to 96 percent. If there is a slight problem, then show the doctor. Kidney diseases are detected by the normal blood and urine test.

Myth: Treatment of kidney diseases is a long and expensive process.
Reality: No, this is absolutely wrong. The treatment of kidney diseases is very easy and less expensive. Two types of tests are done in this – the amount of protein in the urine is examined by simple urine test. If the amount of protein in urine is low, then this can be a sign of kidney disease. To find GFR (Glomerular filtration rate), Simple Blood Test, your GRF number tells how well your kidney is working.

Myth: Nobody knows what is the cause of kidney diseases?
Reality: The two most prominent causes of kidney diseases are diabetes and high blood pressure. Due to these, the small tubules present in the two kidneys are damaged, thereby damaging the kidneys. There are many other conditions, which can damage the kidneys. These include heart disease, glomerulonephritis (a disease, which causes swelling in the kidneys) and congenital polycyclic kidney disease, which causes cysts in the kidneys.

Myth: The only treatment for kidney diseases is dialysis.
Reality: All people suffering from kidney disease do not need dialysis. At the initial level, it can be controlled with exercise, catering and medicines. In this way, most people can avoid these diseases severe and lead a normal life. It is therefore necessary that at the right time the diseases of kidneys should be detected and treated. Dialysis and kidney transplant are needed when kidney failure is done.

Myth: A kidney failure or both.
Reality: Because of all the health complications, both kidneys fail. The term Kidney failer is used when both kidneys stop functioning. If a kidneys work properly, the level of urea in the blood will not increase.

Myth: The risk of kidney disease, but can not say anything about it.
Reality: Not so. It is not necessary that the kidney disease is at risk, it is a disease. You can keep your kidneys healthy. Eat nutritious food, exercise regularly, keep blood sugar levels in control, keep your weight properly, quit smoking, and do not use excessive pen-killer. All these habits will keep your kidneys healthy and will prevent you from getting into kidney diseases. KNOW MORE