will not be the problem of sinus

Some diseases are such that their symptoms are very modest. Sinocytosis i.e. sinus is such a disease. A little caution will help in identifying and treating its symptoms a lot. What are the Ayurveda, the treatment of sinus, giving information to the corporation constipation,

Sinocytosis is a disease that enters our lives secretly and does not leave any stone unturned to completely spoil the lifestyle. At one time, starting from simple colds, after breathing, trouble breathes. Treatment taken at the right time can be avoided by this disease. First of all, it is important to identify the symptoms and the causes of this disease. Necessary treatment is also needed, for which Ayurveda has been considered very effective. What are some types of Ayurveda related to sinocytes,

What is cyanocytis?
There are many places in our face that are completely hollow. These hollow places are called sinus in the nose, brain, and the inner parts of the eye. When these hollow places i.e. sinus interfere, it can not easily get rid of mucus. This condition is called sinocytosis.

Treatment in
Ayurveda In Ayurveda this disease is called antibody. Accordingly, the correct adjustment of vata, pitta, and phlegm keeps every person healthy, whereas vata and phlegm increase when there is a symptom. Meaning their balance becomes deteriorated, which causes the disease.

What are the symptoms Symptoms of
this disease is very minor and common. In this, the patient often suffers from constipation. Due to an abdominal stomach, there is a problem for most people nowadays. Often people are relieved by blaming it on the wrong diet, while this can also be a sign of sinus. Some signs of this also occur in the form of pain in different places in the face

this mercury merged mercury in Ayurveda, the disease is considered as a prognosis disorder. That is, the reason for the disease is considered as a special juice. The rules of Ayurveda say that by digesting food, a special kind of juice is formed, which is very important for a healthy body. When constipation occurs, it does not become juice and disease increases. According to Ayurveda, this juice is first made after digesting food, then blood, muscles etc are formed. Constipation spoils all this process.

Treatment in the kitchen

This easy treatment is hidden in turmeric found in every kitchen. It is best to consume more and more of it. Drinking turmeric with milk is also very beneficial.

The decoction is good

enough to get the decoction of the effective black pepper twice a day in the morning and evening. Drink it like lukewarm tea slowly. Take 5 black pepper, 10 basil leaves, 3 grams of grated ginger and one cup of water in a bowl. Boil all the ingredients in water and boil until it remains half.

Starting from childhood

children may start sinus at the age of one year.
If the child remains cold, it can be signs of a sinus.
Initially, correction is necessary, because if it is not done, by the age of 40, sinus takes the form of asthma.

Do not do these signs of neglected
pain on cheeks pain over
eyebrows pain over
pain in the head; pain in the
body; nose bleeding; or frequent clogging;

Be careful

lukewarm water, drink
more water, do not put on the head
or bath immediately in cold water
causes Vata waking at night so that the whole night in the habit of waking him change
Avoid sleeping during the day, increases phlegm gold in the day
Increase intake of garlic, ginger ginger.
Do not eat tomatoes.


is the treatment, the treatment of this disease is only in the process of nasikarma, but it can not be done at home. This requires the help of a specialist. Apart from this, there are many treatments in which some medicines have to be taken from outside and consumed.

Medicines There are

some medicines in the treatment of many sinuses, which are easily available in the market and are quite effective. But do the same with the expert advice. The medicines are:

Lakshmi Vilas Ras
Tribhuvan Kirti Ras
Chitrakadi Vati
Painters Harichiki
Avaleh Sitopladi Powder KNOW MORE