As soon as the winter begins

the time of stress is started for people with asthma, ie asthma. In fact, the normal cold winter season also increases the complication of asthma. If you or a member of your family complains, then you need to take special care of this season, Asthma will not tolerate cold, keep these things in mind

Winter season is very good in terms of health, but problems of heart patients as well as problems of asthma patients increases significantly during this season. The reason for this is that in this season, the airways in the tubes start shrinking and the cough becomes too much. Apart from all these things, due to the cold in this season the smoke and the enclosed elements in the atmosphere can not fully rise above the sky, which are the work of allergen. Therefore, asthma attacks are more in the winter season. an autoimmune disease expert, points out that to avoid this, it is very important to take special care of your health during this season, so that dry air, pollution etc. can not increase the asthma attack.
Wash well
Asthma will not tolerate cold, keep these things in mind
Wash your hands with soap or hand wash in the winter season thoroughly. If doctors believe that alcoholic hand sanitizers play an important role in increasing asthma attack. It is better to use anti-bacterial handwash of soap or good variety to wash hands to avoid this.

Increases in winter Complications of asthma

In winter, asthma attack increases more than other seasons. There are two major reasons for that. First, in this season the air is chilly and raucous, due to which there is difficulty in breathing. Second, in the winter season, people get complained of throat infection as well as sinus, due to which their breathing hose starts drying. For this reason, the person has difficulty in breathing and starts to get asthma attacks. This was stated in a report published in Journal Allergy and Clinical Immunology in 2005.
Put vaccine
Asthma will not tolerate cold, keep these things in mind
If you want to keep asthma under control in the winter season, apply flu and pneumonia vaccines before the winter season starts. According to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), children and adults should get flu vaccines every year to avoid seasonal fever and colds and colds in winter.
Avoid sitting near the fire, due to the fire, there is less moisture in the atmosphere, the air gets rugged, due to which the throat starts drying and
due to this you can get asthma along with coughing. So avoid avoiding the fire. Avoid going out of the
cold and cold winds of cold weather to protect yourself, unless necessary, do not go out of the house.
Keep mouth shut
Always breathe in the nose instead of breathing, because when you breathe open your mouth, many gamers reach your lungs through the mouth, causing the infection to spread to the lungs. Try to keep mouth shut or to cover it, keep your mouth covered.
Stay in
regular contact with the doctor, take medicines given by the doctor and keep the inhaler always with you. It is also important to be in touch with your doctor.
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