HOLI 2018

Due to Holi colors due to

Holi colors skin becomes red during the skin allergies and the problem of itching begins. Apart from this, due to many cure skin allergies, red-red granules come out on your skin. At the same time, Holi colors often cause wounds on your skin and can increase the wound and form skin infections. Holi 2019:

Avoid skin allergies

before you play Holly, add any moisturizing cream or lotion on your skin, so you can avoid allergic reactions. Also, after wearing Holi and reducing the color, add calamine lotion to your skin. By this measure, you can easily avoid skin allergies.
Holi 2019:

If you use curd, you can remove the dark colors on the face from the skin. With this remedy, your skin will not be allergic and moisture will also be maintained. Also, keep children away from dark colors because children’s skin is very sensitive.
Holi 2019:

Use these

colors when you use color, do not use chemical shades, but also provide quality and herbal color. Apart from this, use the soap or face wash, but instead of gram flour, curd or curd, to redeem the colors of the Holi. Use cold water to remove Holi colors from the skin. KNOW MORE