Health tips in winter

Winters give a great opportunity to be healthy and spoil. If you relaxed yourself a bit, then the health does not seem to be late. Worse is easier than health, to improve your habits, learn what to do-

1- Provide balanced food,
carbohydrate gives energy to the body, but this is not enough for health. The body is equally needed for fat, protein, fiber and fluids. Generally, the desire for fried, canned and junk food in the winter increases, and this increases the intake of carbohydrate. Second, decreasing physical activity does not lead to the extra calorie consumption. This starts to accumulate fat faster in the body. These 5 habits will keep healthier in winter

It is better to have a balanced diet. Focus on seasonal fruits and vegetables instead of more fried food. Take green vegetables, salads and soup with food. This will give the body enough nutrients and fiber. Do not let the body lack water.

2-sunlight is necessary

Regardless of the comfort, there is fatigue? Pain in the bones and muscles? If so, it is possible that you need vitamin D supplements. And the good source of this dose is sunlight. According to experts, 70 out of 100 people are battling deficiency of Vitamin D. Winter season is a good opportunity to cater to this shortfall. Sunlight on the skin around noon is considered to be the best in terms of vitamin. .
These 5 habits will keep healthier in winter

Overall, leaving the laziness out of the house keeps it healthy in the winter season. In the afternoon, while sleeping on one side, away from Vitamin D, sleep patterns in the night also get messy. In the afternoon, sit in some sunshine.

3- Do not dry
indoors According to cloth experts, drying wet clothes inside the house, saladhydate and benzene particles spread in the air, which damage the skin. The problem of people troubled by asthma also increases. Even if asthma is not a problem, drying wet clothes can inhale headache, sore throat and irritation in the eyes. If wet cloth inside the house dry, keep the windows open.
These 5 habits will keep healthier in winter

4- Do not add more cream
Winter cold air makes the skin dry. The skin needs moisture much more, but this does not mean that you add unnecessary cream and lotion. Applying more cream increases the likelihood of dust and soil being kept in the skin for a long time. The dead skin remains on the face, thereby increasing the allergic appetite of acne and skin.
These 5 habits will keep healthier in winter

5 – Decrease of
exercise Do not miss the habit of exercising everyday in winter. People who are dealing with behavioral problems, there is rapid ups and downs in the mood when the weather changes. Regular exercises secrete hormones that make the body feel happier. Reduces depression. If there is a decrease in physical activity in winter, then the body weight increases. Exercise also maintains the flexible body of the body. Promotion desk KNOW MORE