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Today, people living in cities are so busy that they do not even know when the disease was attacked. Headache in the diseases caused by a busy routine is neck pain. What is this problem and how can you survive this, giving information is Amrita Prakash

Neck work is to support the body’s most important organ ‘head’ and flexibility is also very important for us. When there is pain in the neck, it becomes a matter of concern for us. Our entire routine is badly affected.

Why this pain
is a major cause of today’s lifestyle. Working on a computer in the office for a long time or at home, one of the biggest reasons for this is being proven. Apart from this, using such pillows, which is either too high or very low, can also lead to pain in the neck. Worry may also cause pain in the neck and talking to the neck on one side of the neck may be painful for a long time. Running a two-wheeler on a poor road for long distance can also be troublesome for the neck. Even if you consume more than alcohol and tobacco, you may suffer from this problem and it may also come under increasing obesity.

The shape of
neck pain is the seven-vertebral in the neck bone, which is part of the spinal cord. Between them the cervical disc works to connect two vertebra. Because of this we can rotate our neck. Continuous excessive abnormal pressure leads to erosion of the disc and a jelly-like soft spot located in the center of the disc comes out like hernia from its outer shell. This causes the spinal cord to suppress the nerves. For this reason problems like neck, shoulders and arms, pain in arms, dizziness, and pain in neck rotation arise.

General symptoms

long waist or neck pain.
Stiffness and unbearable pain in the neck and waist after morning or after long rest. ‘The effect of neck pain is 
felt like a lot of shoulder and jerk in hands. 
‘Mental causes (stress) can also increase the pain. 

The correct information is received by the investigators
X-ray, CT scan and MRI find the exact location of the bad disk and the exact information of the spinal cord pressed. 
What are the
‘regular’ physical exercises and balanced nutritional food, which is a major remedy to prevent this disease. 
‘Know the methods of properly sleeping, rising, sitting and lifting in the supervision of the specialist. 
The use of cervical collars and lambogenic belts also provides relief from this disease. 
Use the headphone or speaker phone instead of the telephone. If you use the telephone then talk to the neck completely and talk. 
Keep in mind the right posture while sleeping. 
What Doctor Say
According to Dr. Amitabh Goyal, Senior Consultant (Neuro Surgeon) of Metro Hospital, there are many ways to relieve neck pain, from which 98 percent of the cases are completely cured. Do not hide the problem and do not hesitate to visit the doctor on time. This will increase the problem and the treatment will also be difficult. KNOW MORE