Due to the warm sunlight in the summer season the temperatures rise due to which people are prey to dehydration and Lu. To avoid this, people drink some or some cold drinks and you can also take some tips to avoid this. Today we are going to tell you similar tips.  

Drink plenty of water

The excessive sweating in the summer causes a lot of damage to the body, because it causes both water and salt to come out from the body. In order to avoid dehydration, one should drink 10-15 glasses of water daily. Drinking less water can lead to diseases such as UTI (urine track infection). Drinking pot is better, but should not drink very cold water from the fridge.


Drinking lemonade in the summer is quite profitable. Drink little black salt and lemon in lemon water and drink it. If you mix some sugar in it then it will prove to be more beneficial in the heat. Salt from the body gets absorbed by lemon water as sweat.

coconut water 

If you eat coconut water in the summer, then it is like nectar. It keeps your body cool, it does not even cause acid in the body. Sugar patients can also drink coconut water.

Eat coriander, mint and onion

In this season you can eat green clutches. Add coriander, mint, amla, onion etc. to your diet. It also enhances the taste of your food and is also relevant to the weather.

Add these vegetables to the diet

Always eat vegetables according to the weather. Eat pita, pomegranate, ghee or gourd, chawlai, bitter gourd, parwal, cucumber, cucumber etc. Reduce the food as much as possible in the summer and if you eat then add barley flour to the wheat flour. It becomes easy for the body to digest the bread made from such flour.

Fruit intake

There are many different types of fruits that come in summer, which have a lot of water. Drink plenty of melon, melon, lychee etc., keeping your body cool and keeping you healthy.


Protein is enough in buttermilk. They compensate for damage to the tissues of the body. Drink sweet lassi less. Feed as much as you like buttermilk. Buttermilk is considered a good remedy for Ayurveda. The recipes are called liquid things that are taken with food, so that the food is digested well.


Bell’s syrup is effective in both acidity and constipation. The crude bell’s syrup stops diarrhea, so the ripe vine’s syrup fixes constipation. It also provides coolness to the body and is also good for the stomach. know more