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Black pepper contained in hot spices is also rich in many medicinal properties. It works in many ways from the stomach to the skin. Rajni Arora is giving information about a number of benefits of black pepper

Black Pepper, popularly known as King of Spice or Black Pepper, is an integral part of the hot spices used in food. Black pepper does not only increase the taste of our food, it also helps in the treatment of many diseases.

The advantages are many 

  • On cold-cough, add 8-10 black pepper, 10-15 basil leaves and make tea by drinking tea.
  • Mix 100 grams jaggery and mix 20 grams of black pepper powder. If you get a little cold, make small tablets. After eating 2-2 tablets, it provides relief in cough.
  • Mixing two teaspoons of curd, one spoonful of sugar and 6 grams of black pepper mixed with lactation gives relief in black and dry cough.
  • Combine turmeric with 2-3 teaspoons of black pepper and pinch of honey in one spoon of honey, it will be relieved by the cough formed in cold.
  • If you are allergic to the nose, make powder by grinding 10-10 grams dry, black pepper, ground cardamom and sugar candy. Seed out 50 grams of Munka and basil 10 leaves and mix well. Make 3-5 grams of this mixture and make it dry in the shade. Take 2-2 tablets in the morning and evening with hot water.
  • The pistachio pepper stops bleeding from the nose by eating it with the old jaggery.
  • If the throat is saturated, then seven black pepper and 7 nights should be chewed before eating. 
  • Drinking a decoction of basil, black pepper and guilloy in a fever is beneficial.
  • Consume black pepper and mint tea when there is infection in the lungs and respiratory tract. Also add black pepper, ghee and sugar candy in equal quantity. Take one spoon each morning and evening, there will be profit.
  • Eating together with black pepper and black salt yogurt removes digestive disorders. Mix the powder of black pepper in buttermilk, drink stomach worms and stomach disorders are removed.
  • If there is a gas problem in the stomach, drink half a lemon juice in one cup of water, mix half a teaspoon black pepper and half teaspoon black salt.
  • When constipation, taking 4-5 black pepper grains with milk can help to get relief in the night.
  • When indigestion, remove the seeds of half a lemon of lemon and fill them with black pepper and black salt. Salt it on the pan and make a little heat.
  • Make a mixture by grinding 20 grams of black pepper, 10 grams cumin seeds and 15 grams of sugar or sugar candy. Cleave it with water in the morning and evening. Hemorrhoids will get relief in the disease.
  • Pepper is useful for the eyes. Mix ground gram flour, black pepper and sugar in roasted flour. Take 5 teaspoons of mixture in the morning and evening.
  • By mixing black pepper with salt, doing it in the teeth, the stairs are cured. Brightness and strength increase in teeth.
  • If the mouth smells, then two black peppers chew before brushing at night.
  • To control the blood pressure, take 20 to 20 grain raisins 2-3 times a day, with 5-5 grains of pepper.
  • In a high blood pressure half a glass of lukewarm water, one teaspoon black pepper powder dissolves 2-2 hours 
  • Drinks at intervals of comfort get relief.
  • If you have migraine, add one spoon of black pepper and one pinch of turmeric in a cup of milk and drink it boil. 
  • Eating in black pepper honey mixing helps in poor memory.
  • Drink a mixture of salt and pepper black pepper in a glass of carrot juice, when it is wet on the face, it is beneficial to drink.
  • On the face, combine the equal quantity of black pepper, nutmeg and sandalwood powder in equal proportion. Add 2-3 pinch powder and a little water and make the udan. Put it on the face. Wash the face with plain water after drying.
  • Add black pepper coating on any part of the body, it will get relief. KNOW MORE

(Based on the conversation done by Dr. Sanjana Sharma of Balance Ayurvedic Clinic located in Ramesh Nagar)