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Ginger, garlic, basil, neem, black pepper, will help to save health from pollution

These days, people are battling the environment with smog or air pollution. Smog pollutants reach our body through respiration, which proves to be harmful to our health. These affect lung function after some time. Also high blood pressure, heart attacks, diabetes, monocytes etc. can cause health problems. Rajni Arora is telling many Ayurvedic remedies for rescue Health Tips

To avoid pollution, your immune system will be strong. To clean the very subtle elements of pollution, which are called free radicals in medical language, it is necessary to free the body from toxic substances. This happens only when your digestive system is working well. According to Ayurveda, if your digestive system is right then there will be shortage of pancreatitis, pitta and phlegm in the body, it will not be necessary, the digestive system will function smoothly and cough and cold will not be difficult to breathe. Ayurveda emphasizes on adopting things like ginger, garlic, basil, neem, black pepper, peepali in daily life to face pollution and to resist the immune system.
Health Tips

To keep you nose clean, one drop of the cow’s pure ghee should be put in the nose in the morning and evening. This clears the respiratory tract, which does not cause breathing and the harmful elements do not reach the lungs.
Health Tips
Jugs are very beneficial to clean lungs. Iron in it also cleanses our arteries, which gives oxygen supply faster in the blood and less respiratory problems. 5 grams of jaggery should be consumed daily. Ground milk can also take jaggery at night while sleeping. It can eat anytime in the day. You can also put jaggery in the tea and you can make sesame laddus with its help.
Triphala can take the night while sleeping. It will also help to improve the digestive system along with increasing your immunity. A teaspoon triphala can take with honey, lukewarm water or milk. It is more beneficial to take it with honey. Triphala syrup for children is also available to the specialist. A teaspoon syrup can be given to the needy child while sleeping. Triphala is helpful in keeping the three faults of our body-vata, pitta and phlegm in the same nature. That is, if these faults are increased or decreased, Triphala balances them.

Must take citrus fruits Orange, lemon, orange juice are very good. They are also good for the heart.
Health Tips
Drinking ginger tea twice a day is beneficial. Mix half a teaspoon of honey in half teaspoon ginger juice and mix half a teaspoon of honey. Ginger enhances immunity and is beneficial in respiratory problems.
If you are feeling sore throat then drink a decoction of ginger. Cut a small piece of ginger into a glass finely, add 4-5 leaves of basil and 2-3 grain black pepper and boil it in two cups of water. If the water is halfway then filtered and drink. Do this 2-3 times a day. This will reduce a sore throat and respiratory system will be improved. If there is a complaint about mucus, then add some rock salt in that decoction.
Health Tips
Take spicy black pepper with honey, it is removed from the chest in the chest, you will be left out of breath problem.
To avoid problems caused by pollution, drink 3 grams or half teaspoon turmeric in a glass of milk and drink it. You can also add 3 grams of turmeric in one spoon of honey.

Drink basil juice Mix 10-15 ml of basil juice with water and take it twice a day. It is helpful in removing pollutants from your breathing hose or respiratory system. If desired, grind 5 to 6 tulsi leaves in the house and take out the juice. Mix one spoon of honey in it.
Mixing 3 grams of Phepli with honey can take as much as 7 days, but it should not be given to children. This helps in breathing comfortably.
2-3 teaspoons of ghee in the day is beneficial. Ghee excludes the toxic elements of the body.
Health Tips
If the respiratory tube is closed, then taking 2-3 drops of Pipermint oil or 4-5 drops of eucalyptus oil, it is beneficial to steam for 5 minutes twice a day.

Health Tips Boil the leaves of neem in a boiled water. Bathe it in bath water. It removes frozen pollutants on the skin and detoxify the skin. If possible, eat 2-3 neem leaves in the week.
Regular full-body massage makes the body’s lymphatic system healthy. In winter, the mustard can massage with olive oil, coconut oil remains good in the summer. With this, the toxic accumulates in the blood. Blood circulation is better, supply of oxygen is faster and cleanliness of the body.

In the burning sensation of pollution, you can put rose droplets in the eyes in the morning and evening. This will keep eyes clean. Cut the slices of cucumbers or potatoes and keep it on the eyes, this will give the eyes coolness. Eyes should be washed with cold water repeatedly to prevent pollution from dryness or burning in the eyes. You can try another one for this. Soak the Triphala powder on a glass in the night and keep it in a glass, after scrubbing in the morning, it will give eyes relief by washing your eyes with this water.
It is possible to protect hair from pollution if it is possible to cover hair while going out. Massage the hair oiling well one hour before bathing. Do not keep oil for long, because it can cause heavy damage to your hair.
Use a clean mask on the outside.
Use air purifiers in the house. Air conditioners can also be used on high tension so that the temperature in the room is fine.
To change the air of the house, you can also run the cooler for 10 minutes in the morning and evening.
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