chakrasan yoga


Lack of remembrance power has often become a serious health problem in people of all ages. Remembrance power has a specific role in the all-round development of man, but today’s stressful lifestyle has not only weakened our memory but also has become contaminated. A permanent solution to this problem can be solved by making changes in compound lifestyle, ethics, and diet. But if it
is ignored, then it becomes the cause of many serious diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson and Schizophrenia. The following compounds are beneficial for its solution. Due to good memory, Chakrasan, Read Chakrasan practice method and boundaries

excessive stress produces hormonal imbalances in our body and increases toxic chemicals in the body
Hormonal imbalances and body institutions can be cured by the practice of universalization like yoga, shearsana, halasan, chakrasan, foothasastasan, pad pradesh, western repetition, trichonasan, Bhujangasan etc.

Chakrasan’s method of practice

lie directly on the ground. Turn both feet on knees and place their soles on the ground and place knees upwards. Try that there should be a difference of one to two feet in the toes and the edges are close to the buttocks. Now turn your hands towards the nudge and place both palms on the ground beside the ears in such a way that the direction of the fingers is towards the shoulders and the ears are close to the ears. After this, lift the buttocks, trunk, and chest from the ground with the help of hands and feet so that the body becomes semi-circular. In this situation, wait till the comfortable time and come back to the pre-conditions.
Due to good memory, Chakrasan, Read Chakrasan practice method and boundaries


High blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and slip disc patients, weak and old people should not practice it.
The practice method of Udaadian and Jalandhar bondage can be settled in
any posture of meditation such as Padmasan or Siddhasan. Lock the eyes loose by placing the palms firmly on the knees. Now take a deep breath out. Straighten the hands with the breathing out of the breath,
bowing the head forward in such a way that the chin can be stuck with the throat and pitch the stomach inwards. As long as
you can prevent breathing out , keep it aside. Make the stomach normal before any discomfort, straighten the head and finally make the hands comfortable. Finally breathe in. This is a frequency. The practice of its three frequencies is essential.
Patients of high blood pressure, cardiovascular and cervical spondylitis do not practice it, but practice simple disinfection (non-food). Start the practice of Yogasana under the supervision of a yoga guru. By
taking a simple, balanced and sattvic diet, diet improves memory. Grains, green vegetables, seasonal fruits, amla, milk, curd, buttermilk, coconut etc. should be taken in sufficient quantity. Remembrance power is better even by eating the leaves of Ashwagandha and the roots of Ashwagandha. The use of acne and walnuts are also beneficial.
Due to a good memory, Chakrasan, Read Chakrasan

Other measures

should arise in Brahma Muhurat. After retiring from the defecation process, massage of country ghee for five minutes
should be done in the soles and palms of the feet.
The morning should walk barefoot on green grass.
Eat less than your appetite and eat only at certain times.
Practice Yoga Dormancy while sleeping in the night.
Practice meditation for 10-15 minutes daily.
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