Do not take breakfast

Those who do not take breakfast in the morning and eat dinner too late, they may have to suffer worse results after having a heart attack. Such warnings have been given on the basis of a research report. According to the news agency IANS, it has been reported that people with these food related habits, going after death four to five times within one or two days of a heart attack, another heart attack, Or angina (chest pain) was found. It has also been advised to keep a minimum gap of two hours between dinner and sleeping in the report.

Padma Shri Dr K.K., President, Heartcare Foundation of India (HCFI) Agarwal says that Indians have a tendency to gather more fat around the stomach, which can lead to insulin resistance. One of the main reasons for this is today’s lifestyle. He said, “On-the-go and fast pace life means that people leave breakfast in the morning and at the rest of the day eat unhealthy, quick-fix food. It is important to understand that regular 5% reduction in body weight combined with exercise of moderate intensity can also reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by more than 50%. Focusing on switching to a healthy lifestyle and maintaining an ideal BMI for the risk of developing diabetes or the risk of developing this condition.

According to Dr. Agrawal, the diet affects the risk of diabetes independent of a person’s weight. Type 2 diabetes is known as a ‘silent killer’. Until it is diagnosed, other related health complications may already exist. They said, “Those who are obese should aim to limit intake of complex carbohydrates because they increase blood sugar levels and insulin production. In people with insulin resistance, this increase can lead to further weight gain. Also, aim to perform physical activity approximately 30 to 45 minutes every day, five times a week. KNOW MORE