Cucumber Cool in the Summer

In summer, green and crispy cucumber usually becomes part of salad. Kidney cucumber also provides relief from heat due to its sweet taste and cold catch. 90 percent water elements, fiber, vitamins, calcium, iodine, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, etc., are telling the advantages of cucumber-rich Rajni Arora

the properties of heat removal in the seeds of cucumber away. Their intake also causes mental problems such as irritability, frustration and anger. To keep the body cool, it is beneficial to use its seeds in cooling. Raita of cucumber is helpful in protecting against heat or sun damage.

The hydrated
cucumber contains more water than cucumber. Regular consumption of water in the summer does not reduce water and protect against dehydration. It helps to detoxify toxic substances by excreting toxic or toxic substances. It is better to take half-a-half glass cucumber and tomato juice. Drink salt and pisa cumin seeds according to the taste in it once a day. Adding a little sugar in half cup cucumber juice is more beneficial to drink if it is thirsty.

Due to digestion

the use of cucumber in the right summer days is helpful in removing the diseases caused by bile dysfunction. Its regular intake helps in the digestive system to run smoothly, thereby reducing stomach problems like constipation, acidity, chest burning, gastro. Due to the good amount of fiber, it removes the problem of indigestion.

Controls placed on diabetes
Minerals present in the cucumber control the insulin levels in the body. The sterols present in it reduce the increased levels of cholesterol.

Blood pressure
is helpful in controlling the potassium blood pressure present in controlled cucumber. Drinking half a cup of cucumber juice daily is beneficial.

is also helpful in reducing fiber and water-rich cucumber. Except for other snacks, the consumption of cucumber makes the stomach full for a long time.

Due to being comfortable with cold eyes, eyes give a lot of comfort to the eyes by laying the pieces of cucumber on the eyes. It is beneficial in the eyes, burning sensation, swelling, fatigue or dark circles under the eyes.

Silicone and sulfur are available in tonic cucumber of hair, which is helpful in hair health and their growth. Hair is regularly grown by eating cucumber regularly. Washing it out in the hair and proving to be beneficial. Drinking cucumber, carrot and spinach mixed juice decreases hair loss. Before eating a 
afternoon lunch, after eating a cucumber, it clears the blood and does not occur during the summer. Grinding the cucumber seeds with water, applying a coating on the face makes the skin healthy and shiny. In the nail-acne, it is effective to put the cucumber on the face like a rubbish with nutmeg. 

Use caution 
should not be taken after eating cucumber after eating it carefully due to late digestion. Due to excessive consumption of it, indigestion can be a problem. Do not eat cucumber at night, because it increases cough and can cause stomach problems like acidity.

(Based on the dialogue made by Dr Kate Katariya, a dietician of the Design Diet Clinic located in Noida) KNOW MORE