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He says that the loving relationship removes all kinds of tension

In a study in the United States, it has also been claimed that when you face stressful situations, think about your boyfriend. This will help in controlling blood pressure.

Researchers at the University of Arizona of the United States

said that the presence or idea of ​​a romantic partner has a great effect on the responsiveness of blood pressure. It has been reported in previous studies that the presence or imagination of a romantic partner can be of great help in reducing stress.
This study, led by psychiatry student Kyle Boras, explains how a loving relationship can relieve stress in life. Boras said that the results of the study can help explain that to what extent good romantic relationships are beneficial for positive health results in scientific literature.

Reduced stress will keep blood pressure in control and can also survive with all heart related diseases. Borasa said that in the next phase of research, people of different age groups should be studied, who are facing stressful situations every day. The results of this study have been published in the Psychophysiology Journal

In this way

the researchers from the Arizona University of America studied it on 102 participants. For this, he was given a stressful target for the participants. Participants were asked to put three feet up to 3 inches of cold water at a temperature of 3.3 to 4.4 degrees Celsius. Before and after joining the top, the participants’ blood pressure, heartbeat and sudden change in them were also measured. All the participants were tied in some romantic relationship

Heart diseases will be avoided for

some participants involved in it, the researchers asked them to think about their romantic relationship and consider some of their normal days. After this the researchers noticed that the participants who thought about their romantic partner, their heartbeat was quite normal, no changes were seen, that means blood pressure is normal. At the same time, those participants who had thought of their normal days were seen less stressed during the stress of staying in cold water. KNOW MORE