Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease The Factor Of The Hip Fracture

Alzheimer’s is considered

to be a disease of forgetting, but experts now believe that due to this you may also be victims of hip fracture problems. What is this problem

If you forget your keeping things and forget about the names of those people who are regularly in touch, then it is a danger bell for you. This is the beginning of Alzheimer’s disease associated with the brain. This is a dangerous disease, because due to this you are not only forgetting things, but due to this you may suffer from the problem of hip fracture. By taking a little caution, you can defend it to a great extent. Alzheimer’s Disease The Factor Of The Hip Fracture

Alzheimer’s Dangerous

Alzheimer’s Disease Alzheimer’s is actually a simple form of dementia, in which slowly your memory becomes weak. Usually this disease occurs to people above 65 years of age, but many people at the age of 50 may also have this problem. Alzheimer’s or dementia is a neurological problem, in which the memory of the brain is destroyed due to memory loss. The beginning of this disease is due to the habit of forgetting light, but gradually it becomes dangerous. Its last stage is dementia extremely dangerous, in which the patient may also be killed.
Alzheimer’s Disease The Factor Of The Hip Fracture

The risk of fracture of the hip remains

due to the increase in the risk of hip fracture due to taking high-pressure painkiller drugs in Alzheimer’s. Recently, researchers from the University of Finland said in a report of their research that the use of strong pain relieving medication doubles the risk of hip fracture in people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers have said that this is because OPD increases the risk of falling, which increases the risk of hip fractures in older people. This study was later published in the Pan Journal, this study was done on 23,100 people suffering from Alzheimer’s. It was also found that this risk was the highest in the first two months of the use of OPD, later it was slightly reduced.
Alzheimer’s Disease The Factor Of The Hip Fracture

Hip fracture

Generally, hip fracture is common in the elderly. If the patient has a complaint of dementia or Alzheimer’s, then it increases the risk of osteoporosis, which later causes the breakdown of the hip. At the time of aging, the bones become weak and unsteady, which breaks down on a slight slighting. Hip fracture by 95 percent is due to falling. 70% of patients affected by hip fracture are women. Hip fracture breaks the bone fracture, which requires surgery to treat it.
Alzheimer’s Disease The Factor Of The Hip Fracture

How to Avoid This Danger

In most cases the main reason for breaking the bone fracture is to fall. To avoid this, it is very important to take care that you do not fall due to any reason. If you have fallen for any reason, then do not let this happen in the future, pay attention to those reasons and take precautions for further. If you fall often, it would be better that instead of walking in the middle of any place, you might find that you get some support to catch you. Also, take a stick to support, or take a person along with you while on the go, which can help you when you need it. To strengthen your bones, add milk, yogurt, eggs as well as things rich in calcium and vitamin D in your diet and exercise regularly. Use those medicines, With which your body bones are strong If you have a habit of taking sleeping medicines, then put a stop to this habit. If you feel the need, help the doctor for this.
Alzheimer’s Disease The Factor Of The Hip Fracture

Why does hip fracture

Because of bone diseases like atheritis

Due to aging, due to lack of vitamin D and calcium in the body the risk of fracture of the hip is higher in the elderly. This risk is higher in women than men.
‘In case of excessive weight, the entire weight of the body falls on the hips and feet, there is a possibility of hip fracture.
Apart from all these things, diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia have also started becoming the main cause of fracture of the hip. Due to Alzheimer’s, the reason for the hip fracture is the habit of forgetting the patient along with medicines, due to which he also forgets how much weight he should raise. Lifting excessive weight leads to loads on their hips and increases their risk of breakdown.

Rescue is necessary 

If you want to protect yourself from the problem of fracture of the hip due to Alzheimer’s, it is very important that you include those habits in your daily routine, which will help to repair memory.

Eating fish, olive oil, plenty of vegetables, etc. helps to control Alzheimer’s symptoms. This also reduces the risk of fracture of the hip to a great extent.

Include almonds, tomatoes, fish etc. in your diet with 40 years of age.

By improving memory with regular yoga, the risk of Alzheimer’s can be avoided. Scientists believe that as soon as you feel that your memory is getting weak, make regular yoga part of your daily routine. Yoga improves from 20 to 25 minutes daily. KNOW MORE